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"The best homemade Tequeños Factory in Orlando, come have a taste at our Teq-on-Wheels"

Lo mejor de la tradición venezolana desde la primera mordida, pruebe en nuestra estación movil

Chef's Recommendations

Dough + White Cheese + fried = heaven

Tequenos (Tequeños) Venezuelan tequeño is...

The Best Empanadas in Orlando

An empanada is a stuffed patty made with white...

Delicious Grilled Hamburgers!!!

“La Callejera—Street Burger” (enjoy...

Location and hours of operation

Wed-Thu 6pm-2am Fri-Sat 6pm-4am / SUN 6pm-11pm / Mon & Tue CLOSED

Customer Testimonials

Dario simply the best empanadas in town!!! Congrats

The best empanadas since I made my last trip to Caracas in 2008.
Excellent!! Don’t forget to take home a ready to fried package like I did
Keep it moving
Mike from Orlando

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